From its first launch in 2011, to the launch of The Title Registrar in 2014, EIDR IDs were strictly a members-only thing. Only members were allowed to register new titles, and obtain EIDR ID numbers.

With annual dues ranging from $5,000 to $25,000+, EIDR membership makes sense for large entertainment companies and distributors. But smaller production companies, distributors, retailers, film societies, and presenters have equal need for EIDR IDs, but don't necessarily have the resources to maintain an EIDR membership, and all the supporting software development and maintenance required to integrate with EIDR.

From this dilemma comes The Title Registrar. We have developed the software, and supporting infrastructure to allow individuals and smaller organizations the ability to register and manage their titles in a an easy, intuitive way. Our interface let's you (and up to four other designees in your organization) keep track of all of your registered titles. If you want, we can let you know if anyone else has updated your title's metadata, or registered child records of the titles you've registered (for example, for edits, compilations, encodings or media releases).

If your registration needs are more regular (for example if you produce a television show, or a web series, or produce trailers for others), we offer discounted registration packages that entitle allow your company to register and manage a number of titles every year -- see our rate card for prices and discount levels).