Data and Catalog Integration

While EIDR aims to bring some order to a world of chaos, we are still in beginning of that process.

Almost every production, distribution, and archival agency uses a different piece of software for keeping track of the titles they have. Several of the larger studio have more than five different title management systems running parallel under one roof.

And the chaos is compounded because none of them are really able to talk to each other. Each keeps different data, in a different way, with a different internal ID.

So building efficient business processes and monitoring mechanisms stops at the title.

In an ideal world, there will be a single, universal identifier for each entity that needs tracking, that all systems can use to identify them, and disparate systems can use in data exchange. This is precisely the role that EIDR was designed to fill.

The Title Registrar, and its partners, have experience managing titles, integrating applications and processes, and merging catalogs. We have a number of software products (including APIs and desktop applications) for matching titles between two lists, cleansing and enhancing title metadata so that it is accurate and consistent with other sources, and bringing in titles from one source to another.

Think we might be able to help? Send us an email or give us a call, and we can provide you with some guidance and consulting services. .