Change Notification

If your company has has produced or distributes a movie, the chances are that you have created at least the top-level EIDR record for that title. The basic characteristics and metatdata that will be used by other parties to identify your work are included in the EIDR record.

But, other parties, in other parts of the distribution chain, may revise--or add descendant records--to the content IDs that you've created. In most cases, this is harmless, but sometimes these changes are incorrect, or may confuse the description or provenance of the work (as when, for example, the cast is ordered differently, or special-use manifestations are created).

The Registration Bureau can offer a title monitoring service, notifying you or your designates when an EIDR record for title you have an interest in has been modified, or a child record has been created. This allows you to make sure that you stay aware of how your titles are represented in the system, and of any new manifestations or compilations that may have been created in other portions of the distribution chain.

You can receive notifications immediately (i.e. the moment the revision or new record has been created in the EIDR Registry), or as weekly or monthly digests.

Title watching can be specified title by title, or categorically by a number of different title characteristics, including:

  • Registrant party
  • Associated Organization
  • ACL (Access Control List) membership