Title matching services

We match titles.

It's harder than it looks. Sometimes a work will have one or more alternate titles for different marketing channels, countries, or releases. Sometimes an identically-named title is already out in the marketplace. Perhaps there is a remake, or a television version. Often, it's misspelled. Maybe it's part of a series (e.g. Indiana Jones, or Twilight).

There are a lot of people in Hollywood that maintain lists of movies and videos. Some are content creators (studios), distributors, retailers, marketers, trade groups, governments, film societies and festivals, content presenters (e.g. cable channels, airlines), metadata providers (e.g. Rovi, or IMDB). But for one of these organizations to do business with one of the others, these title lists need to be conformed to one another.

That's what we do. We have developed technology to allow two title lists to be conformed to one another with high confidence. Part of our process involves using supplementary data about a work (including cast, crew, release year, run time, and the like) to produce reliable automated matches wherever possible. The remaining titles, are then brought for human review, so that when a judgement call must be made, it can be made with a full panoply of resources.

We have developed software specifically to ease this particularly-knotty and time-consuming task. And your company can buy or lease it to get your title lists in order. Call us for pricing.

As EIDR becomes the worldwide standard for title identification, it will be the pivot upon which the entertainment industry's distribution will be built. But until that time, there is a need to conform legacy lists to one another, for commerce, licensing, statistical reporting, and catalog management.