About EIDR

The internet, and the growth of digital content distribution via streaming or download, has radically decentralized the distribution landscape for entertainment content. There are more companies, producing more content, for more consumers than ever before in the history of mankind.

This has produced some hiccups, though, in what would otherwise be considered a era of extraordinary opportunity for entertainment content producers and distributors. Instead of one sales channel, there are hundreds, including DVD, Blu-Ray™ Ultraviolet™, NetFlix™, Hulu™, cable channels, subscription services, mass-market sellers of both physical and streaming content, like Amazon™ and Walmart.

With about 1.5 billion television sets in the world (not to mention computers, smart phones, tablets, and the like) there are unparalleled opportunities for content producers and distributors. But with all these disparate channels, a certain amount of chaos has ensued: when there are millions of titles, each available in a variety of formats, to be sold via hundreds of channels, the entertainment industry was in dire need of an unambiguous way to refer to a particular title, on a particular medium, with a particular encoding. For these distribution systems to work, they must be highly automated, and highly accurate. Into this fray, has stepped EIDR.

EIDR, a not-for-profit organization, was set up to promulgate unique, world-wide identifiers for digital entertainment assets of all kinds.

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